Purchase agreement

Public Offer Agreement


General provisions


1.1. This offer is the official offer of TM “Vals”, hereinafter referred to as “Seller”, to conclude a contract for the sale of goods remotely, that is, through an online store, hereinafter referred to as “Contract”, and places the Public offer (offer) on the Seller’s official website “https://vals.net.ua (hereinafter the“ Internet Site ”).

1.2. The moment of full and unconditional acceptance by the Buyer of the Seller’s offer (acceptance) to conclude an electronic contract for the sale of goods, is considered the fact of payment by the Buyer of the order on the terms of this Agreement, in terms and prices specified on the Seller’s Internet site.

Concepts and definitions
2.1. In this offer, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms have the following meanings:

* “Product” – Silicone Bracelet with logo;

* “Online store” – in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On e-commerce”, a means for the presentation or sale of goods, works or services by making an electronic transaction.

* “Seller” is a company selling goods presented on the Internet site.

* “Buyer” – an individual who has entered into a contract with the Seller under the conditions set forth below.

* “Order” – the choice of individual items from the list of goods specified by the Buyer when placing an order and making a payment.


Subject of the Agreement


3.1. The Seller undertakes to transfer the Goods to the ownership of the Buyer, and the Buyers undertakes to pay and accept the Goods on the terms of this Agreement.

This Agreement governs the sale of goods in the online store, including:

– Voluntary choice by the Buyer of goods in the online store;

– self-registration by the Buyer of the order in the online store;

– payment by the Buyer of the order issued in the online store;

– processing and delivery of the order to the Buyer in the property on the terms of this Agreement.


Ordering procedure


4.1. The buyer has the right to place an order for the goods presented on the Website of the online store and available.

4.2. Each item can be represented in the order in any quantity.

4.3. In the absence of goods in stock, the Company Manager is obliged to notify the Buyer (by phone or via e-mail).

4.4. In the absence of goods, the Buyer has the right to replace it with a product of a similar type, to refuse this product, to cancel the order.


Order payment


5.1. Ordering of the Goods is carried out by the Buyer through the Online Order Form using the Liqpay system.

5.2. When ordering an online store, the Buyer undertakes to provide the following registration information:

5.2.1. surname, name, middle name of the Buyer or the person (the recipient) specified by him;

5.2.2. the address at which the Goods should be delivered (if delivered to the Buyer’s address);

5.2.3. e-mail address;

5.2.4. contact phone

5.3. The name, quantity, price of the goods selected by the Buyer are indicated in the bottom line on the Internet-shop website.

5.4. If the Seller needs additional information, he has the right to request it from the Buyer. In the event that the Buyer does not provide the necessary information, the Seller is not responsible for providing a quality service to the Buyer when purchasing the goods from the Internet market.

5.5. When placing an Order through the Operator (clause 4.1 of this Offer), the Buyer undertakes to provide the information specified in clause 4.2. this Offer.

5.6. The Buyer accepts the terms of this Offer by clicking on the “Confirm order” button. After the Order is processed through the Operator, the Buyer’s data is registered in the Seller’s database.

5.7. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided when ordering.

5.8. A distance selling agreement between the Seller and the Buyer is deemed to be concluded from the moment the electronic order is placed on the service of the online store site or the Seller or the Buyer sends a cash or merchandise check or another document confirming payment of the Goods.

5.9. If you do not receive cash, the online store reserves the right to cancel the order.


Terms of delivery


6.1. Delivery of goods purchased in the online store is carried out to the warehouses of transport companies, where orders are issued.

6.2. Together with the order, the Buyer is provided with documents in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

6.3. Delivery of goods is carried out at the buyer’s expense, if this is not provided for by additional conditions in the customer’s order.


Rights and obligations of the parties:


7.1. The seller has the right to:

– unilaterally suspend the provision of services under this contract if the Buyer breaches the terms of this contract.

7.2. The buyer must:

– timely pay and receive an order under the terms of this contract.

7.3. The buyer has the right to:

– place an order in the online store;

– issue an electronic contract;

– require the Seller to comply with the terms of this Agreement.


Responsibilities of the parties


8.1. The parties are responsible for the failure or improper fulfillment of the terms of this agreement in the manner provided for by this agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.

8.2. Seller is not responsible for:

– the appearance of the Goods modified by the manufacturer;

– for a slight discrepancy in the color gamut of the product, which may differ from the original product solely due to the different color transmission of personal computer monitors of individual models;

– for the content and veracity of the information provided by the Buyer when placing an order;

– for delays and interruptions in the provision of Services (order processing and delivery of goods), which occur for reasons beyond its control;

– for illegal illegal actions carried out by the Buyer using this access to the Internet;

– for the Buyer’s transfer of his network identifiers – IP, MAC-address, login and password to third parties;

8.3. The buyer, using the Internet access granted to him, is independently responsible for the harm caused by his actions (personally, even if there was another person under his login) to the persons or their property, legal entities, the state or moral principles of morality.

8.4. In case of occurrence of force majeure circumstances, the parties are exempt from the conditions of this contract. Under the circumstances of force majeure for the purposes of this contract are understood as events of an extraordinary, unforeseen nature, which exclude or objectively impede the execution of this contract, the occurrence of which the Parties could not foresee and prevent in reasonable ways.

8.5. The parties make every effort to resolve any differences only through negotiations.


Other conditions


9.1. The online store reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to this agreement subject to prior publication of it on the site https://wristbands.live

9.2. The online store was created to organize a remote way to sell goods via the Internet.

9.3. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information specified when ordering. At the same time, when making an acceptance (placing an order and then paying for the goods), the Buyer gives the Seller his unconditional consent to the collection, processing, storage and use of his personal data, in the understanding of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Personal Data”.

9.4. Payment by the Buyer of an order placed in the online store means that the Buyer fully agrees with the terms of the contract of sale (public offer)

9.5. The actual date of the electronic agreement between the parties is the date of acceptance of the conditions, in accordance with Art. 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On e-commerce”

9.6. The use of the resource of the online store for previewing the goods, as well as for placing an order is free for the Buyer.

9.7. Information provided by the Buyer is confidential. The online store uses information about the Buyer solely for the purpose of processing the order, sending notifications to the Buyer, delivering the goods, making settlements, etc.


The procedure for the return of goods of good quality


10.1. Return of goods to the online store is made in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

10.2. Return of goods to the online store is made at the expense of the buyer.

10.3. When the Buyer returns the goods of good quality, the Online Store returns to him the sum of money paid for the goods upon returning the goods minus compensation for expenses of the Online Store related to the delivery of goods to the Buyer.

10.4. Return of goods is possible only without applying logos and inscriptions.
10.5. Errors found in the finished product, after the approval of the layout, are not grounds for a claim and rework of the order.
10.6. In the case of making adjustments to the previously approved layout, it is necessary to notify the manager by e-mail or by contact phone.
10.7. If the layout is already in production, changes are possible only at an additional cost.
10.8. When approving layouts, the Customer himself acts as a proofreader and is responsible for the grammatical and other errors made in the layout. After approval, claims on the layout will not be accepted!

10.9. In case of a decision by the Contractor regarding the return of funds,
Cash funds are returned to the Customer by means of them: credited to the Customer’s account
in payment systems Privat24, WebMoney, LiqPay, credit card, personal
account, or other details agreed by the parties. All refunds are cash
funds are provided under the condition of sending the Customer to the Contractor
Application forms, which will be sent to the Customer by e-mail
mail The parties unconditionally accept that the final decision on the method
the return of funds remains in each individual case at the discretion
Executor In case of return of funds to the account of the Customer in a bank or on
the Customer’s account in the payment system, a completed application for a refund of cash
funds, with the signature of the Customer on the form in a scanned electronic form
sent to the Executor by e-mail (the following formats are allowed
file: gif, jpeg, pdf). An application for a refund of funds must contain
obligatory order of information about the Customer’s account, commercial organization
(bank) where the account is stored, its address. In case of absence in the application necessary
the information required for the repayment of funds, funds are credited to the account in
the bank specified by the Customer until the 30th of the month in which the Customer received from
The Contractor signed and scanned the Customer’s application in form.
Financial document confirming the payment of funds by the Contractor
at the Customer’s expense, is evidence of performance by the Contractor
upon return of funds to the Customer, which is unconditionally accepted by the parties.


Contract time


11.1.The electronic contract is considered concluded from the moment of receipt by the person who sent the proposal to conclude such an agreement, a response on the acceptance of this proposal in the manner specified in the sixth part of Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On electronic commerce”.

11.2. The parties have the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally, in case one of the parties fails to comply with the terms of this Agreement and in cases provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine.

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